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 Tuesday 07 July 2015

  • 09:00
    Conference Registration
  • 10:00
    Conference Opening
    Prof. Dr. -Ing. Uwe PLANK-WIEDENBECK, Dr.-Ing. Frank ZIMMERMANN

  • 10:10
    Key Note

    Galileo Authentication
    Ignacio Fernández-Hernández
    European Commission, Brussels, Belgium

    Multi GNSS Processing– A Challenge for the Certification
    René Zandbergen
    ESA / ESOC, Darmstadt

Session 1

Public Transport Applications

Chair: René Zandbergen, ESA / ESOC, Darmstadt

  • 11:00
    Public transport requirements for modern navigation solutions
    Marco Gennaro
    rms GmbH

  • 11:30
    Indoor positioning and navigation using smartphones for pedestrian guidance in public transport transfer stations
    Olaf Czogalla
    ifak e.V., Magdeburg
  • 12:00 Lunch

Session 2

Technological Aspects 1

Chair: Peter Braun, Telespazio VEGA Deutschland GmbH, Darmstadt

  • 13:00
    Real-Life Evidence for Spoofing and Jamming of GNSS Receivers
    Karen von Hünerbein
    Lange Electronic GmbH

  • 13:30
    Two concepts for GNSS Timing Receivers Resilient to Jamming and Spoofing
    Werner Lange
    Lange Electronic GmbH

  • 14:00 Coffee

Session 3

Road Applications

Chair: Uwe Plank-Wiedenbeck, Bauhaus - University, Weimar

  • 14:30
    A latency and accuracy investigation of satellite receivers for automotive applications
    Federico Grasso Toro
    TU Braunschweig

  • 15:00
    The SBAS-R Interface: A concept of New International Standard for Safe Land Transport
    Filip Ales
    University of Pardubice, Czech Republic
  • 15:30
    Qualify land vehicle autonomous navigation with a differential gnss+ins calibration system
    Gilles Boime
    Spectracom, France

  • 16:00
    "DGON Master of Navigation 2015"
    Prof. Dr. Hermann Rohling, President of DGON

  • 16:45 End of Session
  • 19:00 – 21:30 Symposium Dinner
    MARITIM Rhein-Main Hotel, Am Kavalleriesand 6, 64295 Darmstadt


Wednesday 08 July 2015

Session 4

Rail Applications

Chair: Frank Zimmermann, cesah GmbH, Darmstadt

    • 09:00
      Performance Analysis of BDS-based Train Positioning in Qinghai-Tibet Railway
      Jian Wang
      Beijing Jiatong University, China

    • 09:30
      Estimating the Integrity of BDS-based Positioning for Rail Vehicles in Signaling Applications
      Jiang Liu
      Beijing Jiaotong University, China

    • 10:00
      GNSS Signal Characteristic Analysis in Railway Application Environment
      Debiao Lu
      Powertrain Electronics, Daimler Greater China, Beijing, China

    • 10:30 Coffee

    Session 5

    Technological Aspects 2

    Chair: Alexander Rügamer, Fraunhofer IIS, Nürnberg

    • 11:00
      Development and Evaluation of a Generic Test Environment for Satellite Receivers in Agriculture
      Marcus Reutemann
      John Deere GmbH & Co. KG
    • 11:30
      Low-cost but robust and high-precision RTK-navigation
      Daniel Koch
      TU Graz
    • 12:00
      Compact Presentation of GNSS Observables for Streaming Applications
      Rafal Mielniczuk
      AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland

    • 12:30
      Testing Performances of Radar Image Processing
      Cristina Sáez Martínez

    • 13:00
      Validation Cases for Integrity Requirements in Aviation Precision Approaches with GNSS Multi-Constellation and Certification Aspects
      Ganesh Lalgudi-Gopalakrishnan
      Telespazio Vega Deutschland GmbH, Darmstadt
    • 13:30 Lunch

    Session 6

    Maritime Applications

    Chair: Evelin Engler, DLR, Neustrelitz

    • 14:30
      Maritime standardisation & resilient PNT
      Alan Grant
      The General Lighthouse Authorities of the United Kingdom and Ireland

    • 15:00
      Long term validation of PNT-Unit processing channels onboard a ferry vessel
      Ralf Ziebold
    • 15:30
      Modelling of Performance Key Identifiers for Characterisation of Current Capabilities on Maritime Augmentation Services
      Iván Herrera Pinzón

    • 16:00
      R-Mode - a potential terrestrial backup system to GNSS
      Michael Hoppe
      Waterways and Shipping Administration
    • 16:30 Closing Remarks

    • 16:45 End of Symposium

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